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2017 diy Home Recording Studio / Project Studio / Mancave

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This is the recording studio project studio and mancave I built here at home I’ve spent years here recording music and editing video not to mention kicking back surfing the web and watching movies this is really the creative center for getting my ideas together Let me take you through the space and you might get some good ideas too I have a nice large table my friend Ramses designed the layout of it It’s bich ply I wanted it to free float no legs I made sound absorbing panels 5 of them I bought that carpet underlayment stuff and added a layer of attic insulation too then I framed it and covered the front with stretch fabric Check out the ceiing absorber it hangs on an angle I added track lighting to it too The monitors are KRK’s Rokit 5 they sit on speaker stands I made the idea came from Ramses I sandwiched two pieces of ply with PVC pipe in the middle I’m using the original MBOX by Digidesgn this is from before Avid took the company over The studio has a bunch of outlets and all the lights are on dimmers check out how cool the ceiling looks it’s painted black and has a lot of lights also notice the crown molding I added along the top edges of the room here’s one of my Fender amps from the 90s and here’s my Fender stage amp Here’s my green gator guitar that I built you can check that video out here on my channel A Martin guitar in the back and the spanish guitar I use to write all my music on I’ve had this one since I was 15 My Beatles mug I also have security camera station here I can see all around my propety day and night It records non stop Here’s my Carlo Robelli And here I have my Hofner bass SG guitar and vox rockabilly when I was a kid I wore out the frets on my Gibson Les Paul I didn’t know that could be fixed at the time I traded it in for this one Boy I wish I had not done that My Ludwig drum set in this messy side of the studio I have my mics a few smaller amps and instrument cords here’s the pedal board I built I also have large black curtains covering the windows It give the room a nice clean look with the grey walls and black ceiling This is the space I spend a lot of my creative moments in I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough Subscribe like and comment to see more from me This is Escagedo Woodworking

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Imagine what this could do for a man cave…

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