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A Real Life Batman

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COMM: This looks like a normal house in a suburban street, but owner Chris Weir bought it for one very special purpose. Chris: When we chose the home back in 2006, I wanted to make sure that I had a bunch of basement space so I could do everything that I wanted to do within my vision. COMM: Chris has a breathtaking collection of Batman memorabilia, including 2,000 comics and hundreds of books and posters, which are worth around 100,000 dollars. Just like his superhero, Chris has a special secret kept away in his basement. Chris: This is the most amazing yet. The bat cave. Come on in. COMM: Incredibly, Chris has spent 150,000 dollars converting a normal family basement into his own bat cave. Chris: The entrance is my spin on Bruce Wayne’s secret entrance, just like he would have in Wayne manor. The entire build to about 2 and a half years to complete. This is probably my most prized possession – my bat suit from the Dark Knight. It’s featured in the Dark Knight and the Dark Knight Rises. We also have a replica batman grapple gun and batterang. The bat cave doubles as a home theatre and my family and I, on a nightly basis, come down here to enjoy our favourite batman films and television shows.

It features 120 inch cine-scope screen and I have my little batman marque over the screen. I started my batman collection as a young child. We used to collect the bat-mobile and the bat-copter and batman and robin and the joker, then as I grew older, I really got into the comic books. One of my favourite posters in this iconic image of Heath Ledger’s oscar-winning portrayal of the joker. Here we have a Christmas gift that I got from a close friend, of the classic 60s bat-mobile with Adam West and it even has an Adam West signature. The unique thing about the clock, although it doesn’t work, the hands are frozen at the time of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder. COMM: Chris has even got his wife Joanne and his sons Daniel and Zachary involved in his obsession with the caped crusader. Chris: My wife told me when I said I wanted to build an expensive bat cave, that I could do anything I wanted, as long as I payed the mortgage.

Joanne: I love the bat cave. I’m proud of what he’s done, I think it’s really, really cool. If we have new friends or family that hasn’t seen it, it’s like, “Hey, you’ve gotta see what my husband did”. I love batman, he’s like the best superhero..

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