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Decorating a Man Cave: Essential Appliances

Posted on January 4, 2018 By

A man cave is defined as a dedicated area of ​​one's home where a man can be alone or socialize with his friends without interference. As you probably already know, a guy does need his own refuge to kick back and relax in. As they continue to grow in popularity, certain guidelines have been created to follow when it comes to designing the perfect man cave. In order to create the perfect getaway for your man, there are four essential appliances that should be included in the room's design.

* Mini Refrigerator – Mini Fridges can vary in price from $ 99.99 to over $ 299.99. Depending upon the size of the fridge, the top of it could also double as additional workspace. With a compact fridge, your man will be able to have his snacks and drinks within easy reach whenever he needs or wants them. Fridges ran in size from 1.7 cubic feet to upwards of 4.9 cubic feet.

* Microwave – Microwaves are going to range in price from $ 49.99 to $ 199.99, depending upon the number of features and extras it has. They can range in size from.7 cubic feet to 1.6 cubic feet; however, a microwave is an essential part of any man cave getup. The man in your life will be able to pop popcorn or heat his food as he needs. To get the most cooking power, look for a microwave that has at least 800 watts of power.

* Wet Bar – A wet bar is an ideal place for storing liquor and wine and the necessary components. A wet bar can be built into a room's wall, or it can be as simple as a standalone cabinet and sink. They can be pre purchased or a contractor can be commissioned to build one to your exact specifications. The size of one's liquor collection will determine how large the wet bar needs to be.

* Flat Screen Television – A flat screen television may not necessarily be considered an appliance, but it is generally considered to be the defining feature of a man cave. The size of the flat screen that you purchase will be dependent upon the amount of space available and your personal preferences. You will have to bear in mind that you may have to pay additional fees to have the television in the man cave hooked up to cable.

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