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DIY Basketball Court Flooring For Your Bathroom | Craftsman

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Got a case of bad linoleum? Hey, I’m Rob North, and I’m going to combine my love of hoops and hardwoods to turn this old bathroom into my very own basketball court. Start by clearing the deck. Everything on the floor’s got to go. Measure for square footage. Sketch the design and do the math on the amount of flooring you’ll need. Put down underlayment to provide a vapor barrier. Transfer your design to the underlayment using a chalk line. Add 1/4-inch shims to give the floor breathing room to expand and contract. Install the first couple of rows with a finish gun. The flooring comes in different lengths to create stronger joints. Mark and cut to fit.

When you’re far enough from the wall, switch to a flooring nailer for a quicker install. Now, cut and fit the dark wood for the lane. Remove the toilet flange, cut pieces to fit around the drain, finish out the lane with dark wood, and fill in the rest with light wood. Rip the final row to fill the gap. Complete the install with the finish gun. Install a new flange so the toilet sits flush on the floor. Sand down the floor with 220 grit paper to prep for paint. Use painter’s tape to lay out the lines for the key. Outline the top of the free throw circle using a compass. Paint the design on the floor and let dry. Pull the shims and use mineral spirits to prep for the poly. Poly the floor and let it dry overnight.

Give it another sanding and add a final layer. Finally, reinstall everything on the deck. Click now for full step-by-step project plans and other cool man cave ideas..

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