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Fameless – Doomsday Man Cave

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Ok, today I’m the producer of this makeover show. “Man Cave Makeovers.” You’re the host, Travis is the host. I’m the host. This is my man cave. I don’t think it needs making over at all. I think it’s perfect. Yeah, but if you wanna– So it needs a little TLC. It needs a little TLC ’cause we need to make it look like a doomsday prepper’s bunker. So this guy thinks he’s coming here to makeover my man cave. Yes. But then what happens? Then you happen, Dave. You do not wanna be alone with me. Ask my wife. We’re gonna… (laughing) (Travis) I’m Travis, what’s going on? How’s it going, Travis, how are you? I’m Paul.

How are you doing, Paul? Welcome to “Man Cave Makeover.” Pleasure. I’ve got a big personality. I think I can handle this show. I think I’ve got the look, dude, I do. I could kick Ryan Seacrest’s ass, you know, truthfully. Take him down like a dress on prom night, you know? I don’t have sand in my teeth, do I? (laughing) Our client has a crap hole of a man cave. Oof. And he needs to hear it for real. All right. And that’s your job. All right, yeah. I’m good cop, you’re bad cop.

You can do that, you can– I can handle that, absolutely, yeah. This place is garbage. This is wack. Hey, if he dies, I’ll be more than happy to, uh, to take over that position. What’s up, everybody? I’m Travis. And I’m Paul. And this is… “Man Cave Makeover.” (coughing) What’s up– (coughing) Ooh. What’s up, everybody? I’m Travis. And I’m Paul. And this is “Man Cave Makeover.” “Man Cave Makeover.” (coughing) Knock, knock. Permission to come in. Hi. Whoa. How’s it going? Travis. Dave. How’s it going? I’m Paul. Hey, Paul– Dave. Pleasure to meet you, Dave. Nice to meet you. All right. (Travis) Tell us about your man cave, sir. (Dave) I’ve been working on it for about a year, uh, it’s not finished. Hopefully you guys are here to sort of finish the job. (chuckling) My first impression is everything in here has got to go. I mean, this couch looks like Goodwill got rid of it. (coughing) Are you– are you okay? That’s bad news, that needs to go. Is it allergies or what? No. I don’t know what it is. Travis, why don’t you step out– I gotta get some air, man.

Sorry, guys. This is kicking in, I’m like getting a fever. Go to the set medic. this thing over. We’re gonna make Dave’s life so much better and he’s gonna be super stoked on this. We’ll be right back with some more “Man Cave Makeover.” (man) That’s awesome, awesome. Tell me about your first impression of what that was we just walked into? Oh my gosh, dude, I had no idea like… That guy– I just destroyed him, dude. He was preparing for lie the end of the world.

He’s just a complete hermit. You can tell, the guy doesn’t come out of his– probably his house ever. Knock, knock. (Dave) Yeah. How’s it going, Dave? Good. Did, um, did you see Travis, the guy in the blue plaid shirt who was here originally? Did he come back in looking for us? No, uh-uh. So just hang tight… Yeah, I’ll hang with Dave here. … and John will come back in with the camera guys. No worries. A couple minutes, all right? No worries, absolutely. Thanks, Dave, we’ll be back. (Dave) Yeah, yeah. It’s Paul, right? Yup, mm-hmm. Where you from, Paul? I’m from Arizona originally. Yeah, I meet a lot of people in the chat rooms I go to are in Arizona. Okay. (alarm blaring) Okay, so what does that mean? There’s sensors on the property. One of your crew guys probably tripped on it. I’ve got 15 sensors. That’s weird. False alarms. You know what, just to be safe. What– what does that do? It keeps us safe. Okay. I gotta walk back outside. Can you let me out of here? Oh, oh…

Unfortunately, it’s on a time lock. How long? 48 hours. What do you mean? Well, is that gonna be a problem? Yeah. We’re filming the makeover, man. I think that’s the least of your concerns right now. Can somebody come up here, please? I think that’s the least of your concerns right now. (Paul) But I need to go out there. It’s fine, it’s fine, I’m safe. I’m totally safe. I don’t think you are. Okay, that’s fine, I appreciate your concern– I’m not safe. I need to go out.

Well, you can stay in here, that’s fine. Yeah, but if you open that door– (Travis coughing) ♪♪ Let me just show you something. You’re welcome. (coughing) This is not normal. I need to get out of here, guys. Okay, okay. Just sit down and calm down. You’re– you’re experiencing shock. Have a seat, please, Paul, for my sake, please. Talk to me. You are on “Fameless.” On what? Fame– You are on “Fameless.” On Fame? “Fameless.” What’s “Fameless”? It’s the prank show you’re on right now. All right. That’s awesome, man. Oh yeah! Dude, you were awesome, man..

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