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Garage Storage to "A Man Cave" – ​​Ideas For Turning Your Garage Into a Sports Fan's Haven

Posted on December 31, 2017 By

Garage storage used to simply mean a defined space to park your car, hang your tools, and stash whatever else you could find. But not anymore. Today, more and more men are taking to the garage to carve themselves out a place to act as one part abode, one part hobby center, and two parts glorious, glorious solitude. I'm talking about the aptly coined "man cave."

Garage Flooring Ideas

First things first: Before you can start moving in the La-Z-Boy recliner, high-definition flat screen and favorite team football helmet chip bowl, you'll need to make sure your new all-Sunday hangout is durable. After all, soda spills and burrito chunks can destroy a floor as well as years of oil stains and dust collection can. In the earliest stage of making your garage sports-viewing proof, you'll want to consider replenishing the floor with a high-quality garage floor coating. A coating like epoxy – a mixture of epoxide and polyamine – is often thought to be the strongest and most durable, because it resists everything from liquid to UV rays. Also, it comes in different colors like slate and desert, handing you the ability to customize the look and feel of your floor.

Integrate Your Favorite Sports Team

Now that you've secured your cave's long-lasting foundation, you'll want to step further into the world of personalization. Whether you're a fan of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA or any other league / sport, chances are you do not just watch arbitrarily. Everyone has a favorite team. Here are some cool ways to show everyone your allegiances:

  • Decorating the open walls is a given. And sure, you can put up pennants, framed jerseys, and old-school posters, but why not go bigger? Fathead's life-sized cutouts of your favorite sports stars that stick easily to your wall, can be removed and reapplied elsewhere and, best yet, leave no lasting effect on the wall itself.
  • Most league Web sites host official shops and are particular attentive to individuals seeking team-themed goodies for their bar or garage., for instance, offers team-themed pool tables, area rugs, countertop fridges, overhead glass lamps, bar stools, video game controllers and tons more to aid you in your attempt at creating heaven on Earth.

Create Extra Space

  • Keep from neglecting other interests by installing activity racks on unused walls. Activity racks can be assembled to hold a variety of items, like golf clubs, bicycles and larger tools. Conveniently, it also leaves you more floor space to host more friends and put down sofas, tables, recliners, memorabilia, and the like.
  • And speaking of extra space, the two following ideas will take some effort, but will work exquisitely if you pull them off: Build a workbench that folds up into the wall. If you're that good, find a way to store your tools inside it, too.
  • Suspend a ping pong table from the ceiling that would only be dropped down when you and your friends are ready to play.

Ultimately, constructing the right "man cave" for you is going to take time and plenty of creativity. Yet, most importantly, it'll require that your wife never, ever stop receiving fine, fine gifts.

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