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Great Gifts for a Man Cave

Posted on May 13, 2018 By

If your guy offers a man cave, or desires for having one, you can help your pet outfit it with a several essential items. We’re creating a space in our basement that the men can relax in, and amuse themselves, far away from the ladies. The way I see it, an tempting man cave is great for your new chance not to be alone too — it gets the men out of your hair for a whilst!

Here are a few of the products we’re putting in our basement guy cave. It should give you ideas for your own!

A Manly Game Table

When guys gather in their guy cave, they need some manly routines. Look for a double video game table, that has both air dance shoes and a billiard table, that will provide hours of fun, plus won’t take up too much space within the man cave. It’s not as large and heavy as a complete sized billiard table, so it will not suit the pro billiard gamers, but will be fine for informal players. When the guys get fed up with billiards, they can flip the desk top, and enjoy a game associated with air hockey.

Poker Night

If your own guy likes to have his pals over for a poker evening, a folding poker table can give them plenty of room to play. Look for a table that is regarding 84-inches long, preferably with 10 drink holders, and a fabric playing surface.

When the game has ended, fold the table down, plus store it away till next time.

The guys will also need a poker chip set took for the big night. A good set may have about 500 chips, two products of cards, and a seller button.

Keeping Cool

While your man is in his man cave, he will need snacks and drinks, maintain his strength. If he has a compact refrigerator in the basement, he is able to keep his drinks cold inside, and won’t have to trudge with the kitchen every time someone needs a refill.

We have a small Danby fridge, and it works excellent, and keeps all the guys within the basement!

Game Console

If your men would rather be active, instead of sitting down around a card table, spend money on one of the motion game console, such as PlayStation Move. We bought one of those last month, and the guys (of all ages) love it. It includes a Sports Champion game, which has several different games in it, and it is plenty to keep the guys busy. You can buy more games later, however the starter game is lots of enjoyable.

Finishing the Basement

If your man is just starting to work on his basements man cave, you can help your pet do the job right with a basements remodeling guide. You can find 1 from the Build Like a Pro series, is very highly rated, and addresses all the basics. A new edition had been published in 2010, and has updated information on insulation and wiring, and many more construction details.

Share Your Man Cave Ideas

I hope this article provided you some great ideas for offers for men who’d like a man cave. The goal would be to keep your guys entertained, and delighted, so you can have some peace and quiet too!

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