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How to Build a Poker Table For Your Man Cave | Craftsman

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So we decided to make a poker table, and you decided how we can make it better. And this is it, the poker table that you helped create. But before we show you how to build your own, let’s run through some of the features that you added to what used to be a very basic table. Now the first thing you’ll notice is the oval racetrack shape, painted to show off– you got it– the most trusted brand name in tools. Lean in to hold your cards close comfortably with upholstered armrests, a kegerator for a cold brew without even leaving the table, and all these other cool features that you and your boys can have.

You dig it? Looks awesome, right? Well, it’s not for sale. If you want this thing you’re going to have to build it yourself, and this isn’t for beginners. But if you’re up for it, I’ll show you my cards and reveal step by step how we did this. Now, if you’re ready to go to store, pick up the following. The tools you’re going to need to get this thing done are a sander, an impact driver, mitre saw, jigsaw, 16 gauge nail gun, a drill driver, a router, table saw, and a compressor. So here are the materials you’re going to need to pull this thing off. We’ll start off with the table top. That’s going to be eight feet long by four feet wide with rounded off ends. On a 3/4 sheet of plywood we trace out the same shape, but cut out the center, leaving only five inches all the way around. That’s the ring we attach the padded leather armrest to.

You can see how my started to do the upholstery here. If you want to get into more detail on that, click on the button on your screen right now. In a nutshell, we put down high density foam and then covered it with leather. We set that to the side once it was done for later. Now we can go back to the original table top and start tracing out the spot where all of our features are going to go. Next, we had to drill and cut out the shapes we just marked out. But before we did that, all of these people were posting on our Facebook page telling us things they wanted to see. Some wrote TVs, fridges, cup holders, but Ryan D, all you wrote was “dubstep.” Well, that kind of cracked me up, so this next part is for you. [DUBSTEP PLAYING] This is dubstep? This [BLEEP] sucks. Mm, now for that Craftsman red felt. The first thing we did was lay down spray adhesive. Then we came back with felt and made sure it was nice and smooth and flat. After that, next I just got to cut away around the holes and the add-ons.

We made up a Craftsman stencil ourselves so that we could easily paint the logo onto the felt. The paint got put on and then we gave it a chance to dry. Now we can finally put on the upholstered armrest. There was loose leather so we can stretch it under the table and then staple it in place. Our top looks good, so now we need to work on the base that the top is going to sit on. The bottom of the table is going to be built around these two mini fridges.

One is just going to be a mini fridge, but the other is going to be a kegerator. Want to build your own kegerator? Click on the button on your screen right now. The fridges got built into the base of this thing, and then we also put it on casters so that it would be mobile. Now, there are some tricks to planning your build if you’re going to use casters, so make sure you click on this button to hear them.

With all the pieces assembled we can put on the stain, and that was pretty much it. So there it is in all its glory, a movable poker table with all the add-ons you wanted like an eight foot long oval shape so all your buddies can play, patted armrests so you don’t get tired of playing. The thing even has a kegerator in it, keep all your beers cold. It has another mini fridge to keep everything else cold, chip and cup storage, even has built in speakers. What else could you ask for? So that’s how you do it. Unfortunately, we can help you build this table, but you’re on your own when it comes to actually winning a hand at poker. So good luck to you, and thanks for your feedback on Facebook. [LAUGHING] Click here to learn about the tools you need to make it happen. [MUSIC PLAYING].

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