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How To Insulate A Shed

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One of the most commonly asked questions is “How do I insulate my shed?” so that’s exactly what we’re gonna show you today and the first method we’re gonna show you is the most cost effective way of doing it and it’s simply just with bubble wrap. So what we’ve done is we’ve got our shed here with all the panels and we fitted our first section of bubble wrap. It’s cut to size and then just tacked to the framing. Now it’s important we do it to the framing and not to the actual cladding. This creates an air gap which means that the damp shouldn’t get through.

So it’s very important that you take it to the framing. So we’ve pre-measured our bubble wrap and then what we’re going to do is just tact it straight into the framing and then we’re gonna move across and tact it into the other part of the framing making sure you just keep it tort at all times. And that is the cheapest and easiest way of insulating your shed. If however you want something a little better what we’ve done on this side is used the ten foil method with the frame of MDF over-the-top of it. And we’re just gonna show you how to do that in one moment. So we’ve shown how to use bubble wrap as a basic insulation for your shed. However, you may want to take it to the next level. For this, what we’ve done is we’ve utilised essentially what is foil-based bubble wrap. So you’ve got two sheets of foil with what is essentially bubble wrap in between. And you’ll be able to pick this up from any good DIY store which is exactly what we’ve done. As you notice here, we’ve already pre-cut these sides and they fit in perfectly into these panels.

And we’ve just fitted those in and attached them. And again we’ve done exactly the same here We’ve cut it to size, fits in beautifully, and now it’s just a case of fixing it to the shed panel. So we literally take a stapler. So that’s now fixed in place and you’ve got your basic insulation sources. Now what we tend to do Is put an MDF sheet or some sort of fibre board in its place just over the top of it just to give it that added insulation and for an added finishing touch. Here’s a board that we’ve cut down earlier. Like I say, you can use MDF or any sort of fibre board really that would just neatly fit into the space that you’ve got and put it nicely to the other panel. So once you’ve fitted it in place it’s just a matter of then tacking or nailing back into the framing and then that completes the insulation for the shed.

It is worth bearing in mind that a lot of heat is lost to the floor so ideally you wanna try and insulate your shed before you put it up so you can put something under the floor. Otherwise, just try and slide something under just to complete the finish..

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