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How to Personalize Your Man Cave

Posted on March 9, 2018 By

How to personalize your Man Cave is easier than ever. First I have to cover a couple important details.

First you need to have permission from the little woman to make your own "Man Cave." If you are married you know exactly what I mean, if not you will find out soon enough. Now you have to figure out how to personalize your Man Cave decor to make it special and personal.

The Movie Theme

Depending on if you are a sports fan or a movie fan dictates the route you will go when designing your Man Cave. Many guys are huge movie fans and tracking down movie posters and plaques is pretty easy today. Regardless if you are a Star Wars fan, Lord of the Rings or Scarface fan there will be plenty of movie memorabilia to choose from for your room.

An interesting and special item would be a movie item which has actual film cells from your favorite movie or movies. Film Cells Ltd creates such items and they have a large catalog of all the major movies. I like these because they are different than the regular movie posters.

The film cells items include actual film cells along with pictures from the movie. In addition, there is only a limited number created for each movie, which makes these items collectible.

A great way to design your room is to pick several of your favorite movies and track down memories from those films. The above suggestions of movie posters or film cells are just two ways to personalize your cave.

The Sports Theme

The sports theme has to be the most popular Man Cave design. Many men choose their favorite college team such as the Duke Blue Devils, Ohio State Buckeyes or LSU Tigers. The sports theme is great because you can find items from recent teams or past teams. Going with a historical theme is great if your team has won many national championships over the years.

For true sports fans Highland Mint creates items specifically for Man Cave decor. Most people think the Highland Mint only makes the flip coins for the Super Bowl or BCS Championship Games. However, their main focus is pictures from these games along with coins imbedded in the picture. These are great items since they do have a limited production of only several thousand items.

Beside game coins or pictures from the Highland Mint you can also include banners or actual framed pictures from a game. Pictures from a National Championship game can make your Man Cave very personal since you can recall that special day when your team won it all.

Personalize Theme

The final part of a personalized Man Cave has to be your sign. A personalized sign with your name is very important. When people enter and see your sign they will know exactly the type of room they will be entering. You can now find personalized signs which will match almost any theme. There are companies which make signs for almost any theme from football to baseball to hunting. Of course you can do the traditional "Welcome to _____ Man Cave, but why not make your sign special.

The personalized sign is the best and true way to personalize your room. The addition of a personalized sign will make you the envy of all your friends.

As you can see personalizing your Man Cave decor can be fun and exciting. Make sure the design does not become work, but gives you joy. The best part about the whole design is that it never ends. If your team wins another championship you know new items will have to be included. To wrap up the most important part of the design is to personalize your Man Cave.

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