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Insane Futuristic Man Cave – The Skysphere

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If you combine a house on the tree with mechanical engineering, something amazing you can happen. I am in Palmerston North (New Zealand) with Jono Williams who made a high – tech haven that seems to have come from the future today. Living large in a small house – Hello, Jono! – How did it go? I am speechless. – It’s an impressive structure! – I think so. How did you come to create something? I honestly do not know where I got the idea. I was just sitting and I had this idea, a vision and just did it . I made a computer model and built. I built a tree house about 5 years ago and I had fun doing it . I used many recycled materials. When finishing this project I wanted to do something new, bigger.

I started making models on the computer … I started buying materials …. and began to build. How do you build something? Where do you start? Basically , I searched for information online. I studied how to make the foundation. Welds do not even know. I had to do a course when purchasing materials. Things were becoming gradually. What is the structure made? Steel 8 mm thick. It can withstand earthquakes of 8.5 degrees and winds of 200 km / h. I guess you need to make a very strong structure … to build something so high at the top of a mountain. How did you fix it to the ground? I made a concrete base of 50 tons under the ground. It’s like a counterweight that keeps it standing. – What is that hole? – It’s a fingerprint reader. As you approach and put your finger.

To recognize you say your name. I can schedule you in the footsteps of up to 250 people. I am anxious to see inside. – We can enter? – Of course. OMG! This is from another world! It is absolutely spectacular What inspired you to create a place like this? I do not know … I just wanted a place to spend the night and lie down on the couch Tell me some things you’ve incorporated herein lights are controlled by my phone … beer dispenser also control it by phone … Wait a ¿moment beer dispenser? Yes … on the couch I put a fridge. I made a mechanism that takes a beer and puts you in hand. Can press to “serve” or you can say … “Beer, please” <i> “Leaving now , ” </ i> It’s the best I’ve seen! There it is: the only beer sale! It should be cold.

Perfect What a great idea! Everything is automated? What else can control with that application? Most. I can even ask … a status update solar system. “Energy” <i> “Energy level: 87%” </ i> <i> “With its current level of consumption, </ i> <i> has approximately 134 hours of power” </ i> So you can reduce lighting if you save energy.

The application uses Android and connects via Bluetooth controls lights, doors, music, video projector … … the beer dispenser, and various other things. The door below is also controlled by the application? Yes. So you could close the door right now using your phone. Yes. I’m just looking around here … I can tell you … “front door, close.” <i> “Closing the front door.” </ i> Now is closing the door downstairs. I must make it quieter, put some insulating or something. What a great idea! Here I control the lights in the 4 areas of the house. I can alter the brightness and colors. Do you see how the colors change? This is fantastic. Really control everything with your phone. I can say “lights, turn off” <i> – “Lights deactivated” </ i> “zombie mode” <i> </ i> The other thing that has me impressed is the view “Closing doors Good luck…”

You have a panoramic view of a very beautiful area. How did you get here? It’s my parents ‘ farm. They live here. I had to make a way for me let build here in case some day decide to take this elsewhere. So you can move all this? Yes, it is completely transportable. Really? How would you do it? I bought a crane to lift the base of 50 tons and made a sled to tow. Is the bed is made to measure? Yes, you can see the structure and the things that I keep there. Great. Something else to store what you need. This is the entertainment area. You can put music and dance the boogie. You can sit and watch something with the projector … – this is the screen.

– True! You can see the game of cricket, we have wireless high speed internet. There are drivers, right? Yes, in this cabinet they are the batteries of solar panels, are here behind the circuits that control everything. If ever you wanted to make it a permanent home, is it very difficult to adapt? I do not think so. Just you have to make a module for the shower would probably do a bathroom down there, maybe put a shower naked under the trees. Do you plan to do ever move to live here? It could be, it would be fun. Upstairs is the platform to see the stars, right? – Yes cool. – Can we see it? – Clear! This place is absolutely amazing sight Look in here! This is absolutely spectacular. ¿You rode all your solar panels on these supports? Yes. They are more flexible than normal. The manufactured in the USA. They are very efficient. I can not imagine a better place to see the stars. This is really spectacular. Honestly, I ran out of words to describe this place.

It is absolutely fantastic. You put a lot of effort to build many amazing things here. – I must congratulate you . – Thank you. Thank you very much for sharing it with me. What I like about this structure is that all customs strip out the window. The ‘Skysphere’ board technology brilliantly futuristic design and still manages to integrate with the beautiful local environment. The only thing missing from Jono is a flying car! ” We need more beer” <i> “We have sent a text message asking for beer.” </ I> <i> ” We hope to come more on the way.” </ I> are sent to Kim.

But now I send them to me. She does not like to send the message ordering beer ..

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