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Man Cave Trends for 2014

Posted on December 7, 2017 By

What's New In 2014?

Man Caves are more popular than ever. Husbands, fathers and bachelors are spending more time and money cultivating that perfect room for relaxing with friends. What started as a spare TV and ratty arm chair in the garage has turned into a big industry, with some of the larger man rooms now rivaling the look and size of commercial bars, restaurants and theaters. And while there is no sign this particular room will become anything but more popular in the future, there are a few trends that may change the way Man Caves are designed in 2014.


Let's start with TVs. Samsung's new curved screen 110-inch behemoth is the talk of the home theater world right now. We can expect to see others follow this trend, with curved screens, big size and colors more vibrant than ever before. Of course, if you want one of these now you'll have to pay for the privilege of being an early adopter – as in $ 150,000. Willing to set up for the smaller 85-inch screen? You'll still need about $ 40K.


Of course, the best TV is nothing without the best content. Cable is fine, but there is the exorbitant and increasing cost, those annoying commercials and having to choose your couch time around the TV networks' schedules. Many people today are opting for services like Netflix and Hulu that deliver the content you want when you want it, without ads. Now there are many gadgets that are designed to improve the media room or man cave in your home, but perhaps this year's biggest will be the media streamer. Roku, an early player in this field, has released a new model with HD compatibility and an earphone-equipped remote control. With this reliably inexpensively device (as low as $ 49) your new TV becomes even more amazing.

Wine Rooms

Beer is so 2000. Tomorrow's man cave is equipped with the sophistication of that more refined concoction, vino. After the home theater is established, it's time to turn your attention to wine storage – aka a wine cellar. This is an extravagant extra, but we're talking about top of the line man caves here! And to decorate the perfect cell, wine caddys are a must!

Video Games

Watching sports is a huge part of Man Cave culture. But what about when the season's over? Or late at night, when no games are on? Enter the second-most popular Man Cave activity – gaming. When it comes to consoles, there are quite a few to choose from. But the latest must-have comes from Microsoft, which recently updated Xbox One is changing the nature of gaming with interactive and responsive technologies that allow you to speak to your console (and then your TV), and use hand and body movement to play games . Wanna feel like you're really in the battle against alien invaders? Plug your Xbox One into your new 110-inch Samsung UHD TV and crank up the volume!

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