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My ULTIMATE Gaming Setup / ROOM Tour 2017😀

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Hey guys whats going on i keep seeing the ultimate setup tours so i decided to do one as well. I just moved in so the cable management is still shitty so i havent had time to run the wires and still have to finish building a few things. But here it is as is. I have a 65” wall mounted 4k uhd LG 6500 UH6500 tv with RGBs behind it. Amazing tv. As you can see my screen name on there so if you play battlefield and you got xbox one add me up. Then we got over here the headphones i use. The headphones i use are the DT880 PROs with modmic on them. Crystal clear sound work amazing headphones you can hear the enemy across the map! The only pitfall is the modmics wire gets tangled everywhere its fking pain in the ass.

And for the dt 880 pros because they are a 250ohm headset you do need some kind of an amplifier with them. I use the soundblaster e1. Over here we have we have the center speaker, xbox one s and the amplifier. For surround speakers i use JBL all around, love their sound. Over here im planning to build a media center thats going to be flush with the walls as you can see the corners running down right there everything will be nice and tucked in no visible wires and everything else. For my subwoofer again JBL 400w i believe i bought a few years ago, and its loud enough that it rattles my neibourghs house. Some wall decor i got hunt or be hunted walking dead poster and the vikings; amazing fking show if you havent watched the vikings go watch it right now. On this side we got a little treasure chest with candle to set the mood and my remotes and a massive sofa wrapping everything around.

Over here we got another speaker and my current camera the t1i. Its great for pictures but it doesnt take very good video so im looking for another camera either the panasonic g7 or the t5i. Havent decided yet so if you guys got some hints or suggestions leave it in the comments. And because im russian you always have to have a good bottle of vodka in the house and this is it.

Nice classy bottle of vodka. And the room is in the basement so its gets a little chilly down here so i got a little space heater and shit ton of protein. Cuz you can never have enough. And my trusty little cardio bike for my morning cardio. Juust kidding i dont do any morning cardio. And for my computer its a 24inch 1080p led monitor from dell i think i paid like $50 bucks for it just for time being aaand my azio keyboard again $30 bucks cheap as hell and works great. And you can switch colors on it, i keep it blue to match the mouse and you can change the brightness on it as well. Great keyboard. For mouse i use g402 logitech mouse on a steelseries mousepad. Aaand for my headphones m50x’s amazing headphones very good crystal clear sound, my soundblaster e1 i think i told you guys about hooked up.

Blue snow ball microphone for time being again buying another one you can never just stop upgrading shit there is always something better or something new that comes out. My hemalyia salt lamp biggest one i could find and a scented candle on the other side so it doesnt stink in here 😉 And for my pc i just built this thing less than a month ago and its got a 240gb ssd kingston hard drive 1tb hhd gtx 1060 3gb video card corsair 16gb ddr4 ram i5 6500 cpu. For leds inside the case i actually found em on sale $7 bucks! Cant go wrong. Right here deepcool rgb led fking love them! For $7 bucks cant go wrong! And for the main part of the room one thing i dont see anybody else have for some reason or show off is we all know those long gaming sessions and then all of a sudden you gotta take a piss.

And you gotta leave the room well this one well this one you dont. You jump the sofa and you hop right into the washroom and there it is and if you didnt make it and shit your pants because accidents happen you got yourself a nice shower there too So thats it thats my setup for now im going to be building more and finishing things over here i was actually planning or am planning to build as soon as the weather warms up a bit is a nice wooden table run across corner shape.

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