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Man turns 350 sq ft apt into insanely chic home – tiny, eclectic, amazing spaces video

BILL INDURSKY: I?m Bill Indursky. My studio is 350 square feet. And I?ve been in this apartment for 18 years. I actually like small spaces, because I think it makes you very disciplined in buying things, collecting things. We don?t try to bring anything new into the apartment. If read more

The 0 bedroom, 0 bathroom micro man cave – Offbeat Spaces video

DEREK DIEDRICKSON: My name?s Derek Diedrickson. Right now, we?re outside of Boston. And I?m a carpenter, tinkerer, microarchitecturer. Something between those lines. Basically, the start of all this, I think? when I was a kid I used to build a lot of forts. And somewhere around read more