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Blog in :60 | DIY Man Cave with Self Storage

I’m Vince Mancuso with, and today I’m going to talk about how self storage can help you make your own man cave. Number one: Pick your room. Your man cave can be as simple as setting up a big screen TV and nice couch in your spare office, to tricking out your entire basement, read more

2017 diy Home Recording Studio / Project Studio / Mancave

This is the recording studio project studio and mancave I built here at home I’ve spent years here recording music and editing video not to mention kicking back surfing the web and watching movies this is really the creative center for getting my ideas together Let me take you through the space read more

Decorating Ideas for Garage, Barn or Workshop

Hi, Scott from Retro Planet here. Why is it that most of us never think of decorating our garage, barn or workshop? These are areas where you might be spending lots of time in, so go ahead and liven them up just a little. Make them even more fun to hang out and work in… That’s what this read more