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Ultimate Man Cave: $50,000 Elder Scrolls Basement

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COMM: For one fan of Elder Scrolls online the role playing fantasy video game, just playing isn’t enough. TYLER: Just the love of the game, love of the genre, that’s what really and truly inspired me to do this down here. COMM: Tyler Kirkham spent $50,000 recreating the world of the Elder Scrolls game in his basement. JILL: Who wouldn’t want to have a basement like this? It’s freaking amazing. COLE: If I had $50,000 to put into a basement I think it would be like this. COMM: And with Elder Scrolls online about to be released on consoles he is always on the look out for more features that he can add. 00:33] TYLER: I am going to create a magic staff like that and put it down in the basement. TRISTAN: That would be perfect.

COMM: Comic book artist Tyler Kirkham from Salt Lake City is a big fan of Elder Scrolls. TYLER: I got into Elder Scrolls a few years ago and the reason I like these games so much is it’s an expansive fantasy world, lots of role playing games, you are the character and you are essentially living the life of the character in the fantasy world. COMM: And he was inspired to turn his fantasy world into reality. TYLER: Come on down i’ll show you the elder scrolls basement. we put the way point from the game on there just as you’ve arrived. COMM: The basement is every elder scrolls fan’s dream featuring medieval weapons a waterfall and even a secret passage way hidden behind a book case. TYLER: When I was making it, it kind of led to a hidden oblivion gate perhaps. COMM: Tyler created the basement from scratch with the help of his building contractor Dad. TYLER: I had walked around the video game and you know and just show him “Dad this is what we are going for, we want you know the ceiling that looks like this, we want walls to look like this” and just so he can visualise what I was going for down here without thinking I was nuts.

COMM: This was you know a two year process and we actually had to stop you know mid process because we couldn’t afford to do the bathroom at the time, we just saved up and did what we could when we had the money to do it. COMM: But the bathroom was worth the wait. TYLER: The bathroom and the basement we themed like a mine shaft something that you would see in the game we did a water feature on one wall and the shower itself has a waterfall head as well as a normal shower head.

TYLER: And over here we kind of did like an alchemy kind of area we got a potion of spell if you need to get on with your adventure. TYLER: A few of my favourite pieces that we have down here are actually things that we collected while in Europe for example we had like an Italian crossbow some little ram horn pieces from Germany. TYLER: So over here we set up a make shift kind of training area, training can be done easily just grab a sword or an axe and uh get your practice in before you head up to the battle field, I wanted to have the exposed brick but I wanted it to look like the plaster had been crumbling off possibly from a dragon attack or something. COMM: Tyler’s wife Jill was fully onboard with the project and helped with the design.

JILL: I actually wanted to do the concrete floors, he was unsure he kind of was leaning towards carpet just for the future with kids and stuff but I felt like we needed to do the concrete floors to make it match the style. COMM: Although maybe other uses for the money had crossed her mind. JILL: With all the money that we have put in to finishing the basement maybe we could have put a pool in the backyard I don’t know. COMM: Even the neighbours have been in for a look around. COLE: The first time I came down here I couldn’t believe that Tyler could build something like this.

GABRIELLE: I remember when he was down here with his dad and they were kind of putting some stuff together and I couldn’t picture it ’till I came down here and it was all done it’s like stepping into another century. TYLER: When we show our basement to people they tend to come down and they are like woah. COMM: Another regular visitor is Tyler’s Elder Scrolls obsessed brother Tristan who lives nearby. TRISTAN: I love the elder scrolls because of the sheer size and adventure of the games and the open world nature I have spent a hundred hours on the game and then suddenly there is another hundred hours spent on another game. I think Tyler did a great job here on the Elder Scrolls basement and when he first mentioned it to me I knew it was going to be something special.

COMM: As the console version of elder scrolls online is about to launch excitement is growing in the Kirkham household. TYLER: Being able to get online and play with my friends who you know are miles away or even countries away is amazing to me and I could be fighting a guy in Europe, I could be fighting a guy in China we could be teaming up to fight goblins or orcs or trolls that excites me a lot about the elder scrolls online. COMM: And maybe the continued exploration of the online game while inspire some new features on Tyler’s basement. TYLER: I know when I am playing the game and see different ideas and wish that I could do it. I am going to create a magic staff like that and put it down in the basement. TRISTAN: You need some magic staff. TYLER: Cast some spells on Jill. I just hope I have the space and the money to build and afford to do it..

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